Artificial intelligence, cloud applications, servers and virtual machines, technology runs so fast that you feel so small to keep it up. Everyday life seems unbearable and the demands are such a big burden. It is not strange that most people in their technological activities are using third party "services" for things like:

  • Storing files on the "cloud"
  • Email accounts
  • Sync calendar and contacts
  • Blog/Websites
  • Chat services

Usually these services are offered by "big tech", companies known for having little respect for our personal data..

In any case using a Service as a Software Substitute (SaaSS) is dangerous for our freedom.

  • So what? Do I have to give up everyday life to learn how to set up my own server?

While this isn't a bad thing, it does take a lot of dedication. Personally after 20+ years of using GNU/Linux I've barely managed it.

An affordable and relatively easy proposal for those who like to take back their data and freedom is freedombox.

It can be installed on any computer. I've been using it daily for years and now and I've managed to have all the above and much more at my place, with a simple connection1 using only free software.

- Is it really that easy?

- Mostly. Although it is done exclusively in a graphical environment without requiring any knowledge of coding, you need to review a few settings.

- Does it have more features than commercial applications such as gmail, icloud, etc.?

- Probably Not! Although it has some very cool apps...

- Why use it then?

- Freedom!

  1. For self hosting e-mail a static ip is necessary, otherwise the sent e-mails are rejected by other providers.